Wooden entrance doors

Wooden entrance doors

Entrance doors with superior thermal and acoustic insulation make an excellent addition to the windows and balcony doors in the offer. They provide optimum protection against burglary, ensure high resistance to temperature variations, deformations and warping.

Besides the regular models we can also make customized doors with the use of simple mechanically jointed muntins, smooth solid panels and selected glass. All doors are equipped with adjustable hinges and an aluminium threshold with a thermal break.





Wooden entrance doors are made of Red Meranti wood include three plies of glued wood, which eliminates the deformation of door elements as a result of exposure to adverse weather conditions during their use. For production we use materials with the highest quality: well-dried and selected wood, fittings, paints and varnishes from leading manufacturers; all to guarantee durability and security. Our doors can be manufactured according to three styles, i.e. SOFTLINE, RETRO or CLASIK, tailored to match your windows.


Standard equipment:

  • Multi-point ROTO lock, claw and bolt type with two cylinders.
  • Three anti-burglary hinges, Baka Protect 3D.
  • Hinge covers with a colour to match the handle.
  • Handle with a long escutcheon plate and round plate for the upper lock; colours: white, brown or anodized gold.
  • 20 mm high aluminium threshold.
  • 4/16/4 insulated glass unit.

Typical door dimensions:

  • Total width 980 mm (internal width 820 mm).
  • Total height 2080 mm (internal height 1980 mm).

Opening direction:

  • To the outside
  • To the inside

We can also make customized doors in non-standard sizes. Additionally, depending on the applied glazing bead profile, each model can be aligned with a selected style, i.e. SOFTLINE, RETRO or CLASIK tailored to match your VIDOK windows.